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Stopped Our Statins is a Support Group for people
who have had adverse reactions to statin drugs.

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Statin Drugs

Advicor [Niacin Extended-Release & Lovastatin]
Crestor [Rosuvastatin] Recall Request ~ 3/04
Lescol/XL [Fluvastatin Sodium]
Lipitor [Atorvastatin Calcium]
Mevacor [Lovastatin]
Pravachol [Pravastatin Sodium]
Zocor [Simvastatin]
Vytorin - Combination of Zocor [Simvastatin] & Zetia [Ezetimibe]
~ ~ ~
Baycol [Cerivastatin] Off-the-Market ~ 8/01
~ ~ ~

Statins inhibit an enzyme, HMG-CoA reductase that controls the rate of cholesterol production in the body. Statins lower cholesterol by slowing down the production of cholesterol and by increasing the liver's ability to remove the LDL-cholesterol already in the blood.

The new cholesterol lowering guidelines will result in millions of more people being prescribed statins. This aggressive treatment is the result of trials which presumably demonstrated greater cholesterol lowering and greater protection against heart disease.

Absolute bunk! Many trials are flawed and there is little or nothing to substantiate their claims. But these claims are accepted without question by the majority of the medical community. Many of these trials are funded by the drug companies.

Our bodies need the cholesterol that statins inhibit or remove from our systems. Lowering cholesterol does NOT reduce heart mortality or prolong life; In fact the opposite can be true.

Statin Warnings

Baycol caused over 100 deaths and
there are over 11,000 lawsuits that are settled/pending.

The watchdog Public Citizen, is urging a ban of Crestor,
citing a death and 23 cases of serious side effects.

FDA Public Health Advisory issued for Crestor - 3/2/05
FDA issued a public health advisory describing revisions to the
and PRECAUTIONS sections of the labeling

Mfgr. AstraZeneca delayed side effect reports to the FDA.


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